Absolute A & E Serum




  • Rejuvenates, refines and strengthens
    Improves cellular health
    Reduces the appearance of scarring, lines and wrinkles
    Firms, hydrates and nourishes
    Restores suppleness and vibrancy to skin
    Paraben free

    The Absolute A & E Serum combines antioxidants Vitamin A and E in a synergistic formulation that rejuvenates, refines and strengthens the skin. Cellular health and turnover are enhanced, improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other skin damage. This serum keeps your skin hydrated and nourished leaving it firm and moisturised. It also helps to soften and restore dry skin leaving it feeling supple with a healthy vibrancy. Ideal for all skin types, use this serum as a treatment product for ageing, scarring and sun damaged skin.


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